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Friday, August 27, 2010


Interview with 'Spooks - Dead Eyes Opened', 27 Aug 2010
Deadicated too, Sharon and Siobhan Clarke, my new good friends...

Firstly please tell me a little about yourselves, who's, who and when did you first form ?

DEO is a 3 piece from Edinburgh, Scotland formed at the start of 2009 from the ashes of Electro Rockers BYLXI. Line-up is: Spooks - Vox, Dunsy - Guitar and Gash on bass.

Being from 'Scotland', how are you finding the response's, as most 'Goth', bands tend to fair from 'Northern England', or our 'Capital'. Or are you finding a rise within the Scottish scene, or even creating a new one ?

We've not gone out of our way to join any scene as such although obviously we welcome any attention that comes our way. Ironically we have more connections in London than Scotland. That said, we'd welcome a resurgence in the Scottish scene.

How would your best describe your musical approach, do you like to fit within a set genre, or being more wilder in approach ?

The agenda was always just to write quality music that we liked ourselves. Anything after that is a bonus.

Your début 'Submission', starts with a statement about reality. Would you say that your material is based around the worlds current state, and observations from media. Are you a band with a message to the heard ?

Submission is about the arrogance of religion. Lyrically they're usually about something that has annoyed us - religion, people, stupidity......haha What can

you tell me about the creation of 'Submission', how did you find its creation, and are you 100%, happy with it. Do you think as a début, you have learned from it ?

Really proud of that ep. It's a statement of intent. No filler. As soon as we wrote the title track we knew it was special. No sooner was that written than Pave the wicked way made us realise we were onto something consistently good. Who died to make you King? was a popular live track so we knew all songs were strong.

So far how has the feedback been. For me its well crafted little gem, great rock feel and mild touch of industrial. Plus also easy on the ear, and catchy ?

Not gonna argue with you. haha. Radio friendly 'Goth Metal'.

Who would you say your main influences are, is there one band or person, that stands out from the crowd to your ears, dead or alive ?

Dunsy, the guitarist, loves his metal and I'm hugely influenced by the 80s early synth, post punk new romantic sounds and of course, the early Goth scene. As the songwriters it's the clash of these influences that culminate in the unique DEO sound.

So far you've been touring, supporting great bands like 'The Eden House', how have you found the response and reaction to you so far ?

Brilliant! To be honest I think folk were a little surprised by us. We showed we could pull it off live. Most folk tend to stay at the bar whilst the support is on but we got their attention. haha. The challenge now is to continue to impress.

You currently have new material on the go, I believe 'My Sanity' and 'To The Devil',Is this material too follow the MCD. Is there a full length in the works, and will it differ from the début material ?

Yeah, we've got about 20 new tracks including those. We're going to release another 'EP' before the end of the year with Steve Carey from 'The Eden House' producing. We'll promote that live and then we'll work on a full length release in 2011.

Lastly I wish you all well, and good luck for the future, any last words ?

Thanks Ed. Get in touch, see us live, say hello. Cheers...

For further contact and info:

Debut MCD 'Submission', out now... (A true must have)...