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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Interview with 'Concrete Lung', - 16 Oct 2010.
Photo by, Danni Brooks. 2010

Greeting's gentlemen, please tell me a little about your good selves. Who's, who and what musical crimes are you responsible for?

Ed: We are CONCRETE LUNG – I’m Ed - Bass/Vocals,

Will: I’m William Riever, I play synth, percussion and textures. My first musical dabblings were a bit of musical crime but it’s been up hill for the last few decades.

When did you first actually form, and are there any releases, prior to your debut, such as a demo, etc?

Ed: I started the project at the end of 2007 - But it wasn’t until the start of 2009 that we went into the rehearsal room for the first time. Yes there was demos/recordings but not much saw the light of day until our first release, Waste of Flesh EP.

Will: Yeh It’s been about 2 years in the making, with at least a year of that spent sorting out what we were actually trying to achieve.

The first thing I notice about you is the striking visuals, the strong artwork upon your debut. That of a refuse dump. The image's also relating to that of the song titles, would you consider 'Waste of Flesh', as a concept album. It being based around human waste, and the shit we create?

Ed: It wasn’t intended to be a concept album, but it could be seen like that, but yes I was searching for an image that would fit with the music after I wrote the EP. The image I found was perfect straight away, it is by photographer Frank Wright (www.frankwright.co.uk).

Will: I’ve always wanted to make a concept album, still not quite sure what it would sound like though.

How was your debut's creation, did you find it a smooth operation. Do you think you’ve learned a lot from its creation, and are you happy with the feedback so far?

Ed: Yes the songs that made it onto Waste of Flesh where incomplete for about a year, until we decided on the direction we wanted to take the music. We then set a deadline of 10 weeks to finish them, it became a little stressful, but we needed a deadline in order to get something done. So yes if I learned anything it is to set a realistic deadline on a release.

Will: The response we’ve had so far on the EP has massively exceeded our expectations and spurred us on. We are nearly out of copies of the first pressing.

From the very opening of the MLP, were hit with immense power and almost an onslaught. Do you consider yourselves almost 'Cross Genre', I.e.: a mix of Grind core / Death Metal and traditional Industrial Metal. I almost hear hints of 'Carcass', 'Napalm Death', 'Godflesh' Etc?

Ed: Those bands are defiantly an influence with me from a young age. I listen to a lot of death metal and industrial, so its only natural that I would create something in-between the two genres. I like to think that we could appeal to people’s tastes across the two genres and beyond.

Will: We are trying to cross the rawness and attitude of Punk with the texture and percussion of Industrial.

Besides the sounds, who would you consider your greatest influences, be it music, poetry or even film?

Ed: Greatest influences are Godflesh, early Pitchshifter, Melvins, Bill Hicks, and punk ethic, Black Flag etc.

Will: My mum used to take me to an art house cinema when I was kid growing up. It was called the Valhalla. It had great films and that really opened my eyes a lot.

I have to ask about 'Pyre Burns', tell me a little about it. Pretty much a very strong stand out track on its own, blending some great sounds?

Yes the instrumental part of the song was written first, then I passed it on to William who added a lot more atmospheric synths to it and also percussion, I added the vocals on at the end. The song is about the 24 hour tv news doom and gloom.

When playing live, who do you feel you fit in with the most, be it the UK Industrial / Goth scene, or more the Thrash, Death Metal scene, they both suite you well, I could see you Playing 'Bloodstock', or ‘Gotham’?

Ed: I want to try and move away from playing the Goth scene, we have nothing in common with any of the bands who play on that scene, and too be honest don't have a lot of respect for those 'bands'. It would be interesting to do some gigs on the metal scene but yeah, where too metal for the industrial crowd and too industrial for the metal crowd. Having said that we like to get in peoples faces, if they like us or not!

Will: I think we want to play to more of the punk / metal crowd, to see how it goes. The people in the Industrial / Goth scene who have a broad taste in music appreciate us but the fluffy bunny types who only like EBM don’t really get us.

In a few months’ time you hit the stage alongside 'Leather Strip', what can we expect from your live performance, will it be as brutal and dark as the debut?

Will: Expect to be blown out of the back doors. We intend to come on hard with some new material and give a sneak preview of what is to come us in the next year.

Ed: Yeah, We are hoping to play a couple of new tracks from our full-length album that we are currently writing. They are pretty much a follow on form Waste of Flesh, but more brutal and also more of a mixture of musical styles.

Thanks’ for you time Gentlemen, what can we expect from you in 2011, and any last words?

Will: Louder and stronger. Looking forward to getting in peoples faces!

Ed: We will be finishing up our follow up to Waste of flesh in the form of a full-length album. Hopefully set for release early 2011. We also have a few more gigs set for the rest of the year:

London, Leeds and Manchester.

Check our website for details


Thanks’ Ed