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Monday, May 3, 2010



The evening starts well, a small smutter fills the room. Opening is 'Legion', filling us with their with traditional form of 'UK Gothic Rock', engaging well
the audience. Plus playing material from their current debut 'Hereafter', and new alike. Simply a fresh light start to the hours ahead. (6)

Until I Wake...

Next to enter is 'Until I Wake', going straight into 'Empty', assaulting us with stunning pressence. Plus the vocal range of their frontman,is truly outstanding. The music itself also ranging from trad 'Gothic', to hint of 'Nu Metal.' Like their predecessor, another new band, again also treating us to new material. Simply a stunning band (8)


Next to enter, maybe the odd ones out. 'Greenhaus', open up with a stunning ambiance, their new vocalist 'Phoeix', so delicate. Smiling and beaming at the audience. Dancing and treating us to an aura of stunning vocals. The music it self boarders so many genres. 'You're not alone', sounds just simply amazing in the live environment, plus again new material is aired for the very first time. The set is just simply breathtaking, almost ambient at times, I want more (10)


Just as the ambiance and calm dies.Creepy freaks enter the stage. A young man draped in chains twitches in front of me, a wind up girl waltz's the stage. Maybe theirs drugs in the air, nope its 'Alterred', treating us to their 'Batmanesque', menace. their frontman ironically looking like the 'Joker', well it is 'Gotham', sadly 'Batman' doesn't show. By god were treated to an amazing mix of Goth and industrial elements, as Mr creepy works the audience with gusto, like a pro. Musically and visually these guys are just simply stunning as they finish with 'Nothing Less Than Violence', certainly what would of happened if 'Batman' had turned up (8)


Sadly 'Lilygun', pulled out due to illness. So were treated to 'Rhombus', looking like the remnants of the 'Nephilim', sounding like a 'Sisters Of Mercy' tribute act. The music is well presented, and clear. but the songs seems to blend into each other, and linger on for to long. The female vocals also become overbearing at times. (6)


Next comes the teen boy favourite 'Lahannya', sporting her mad blue hair, and decked in more latex than a condom factory. Then she complains its hot !. The fetish diva treats us to some great songs covering all her material to date. Yet we find great song next to OK song. She kinda lingers, leaving me bored and wanting a pint, enough of the pseudo eye candy, More befitting for the 'Metal' scene. (6)

The Eden House...

What comes next is simply amazing. 'The Eden House', sporting ex members of the 'Nephilim', and the front woman of 'All About Eve', and also of course Monica from 'Faith And The muse'. Simply a super group. Their sound is just awe inspiring, mixed with separate performances from both girls and also duets together. 'All M y Love', just leaves the crowd going wild. Were also treated to 'God Pride', and most tracks from their debut. probably the most emotional set of the night, you can see tears in the girls eyes, as they leave the stage, as the crowd just gos mad. Now filled to the roof (10)

The Clan Of Xymox...

Lastly the headliners appear to a great roar. Bursting into the title song from their new LP. 'In Love We Trust', the sound is fresh and fuelled with electricity. The band works the stage with precision, injecting the vibe to the crowd below. This is a band that has a massive back catalogue. Each song is greater than the last, airing old and new. Sadly I leave short, as 'Emilie', fills the air with its upbeat vibe. (9)

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