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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Interview with 'Dommin' - 03 Apr 2010

You first formed in around 2000, I'm lead to believe. What were the first day's like. Do you still have the same initial line up, and was there a basic master plan for the musical outlook ?

The first days were exciting because it was the first time I was doing everything myself.I had no opinions holding me back. No band members wanting to take things in different directions.There was a freedom I enjoyed in being self-reliant. The line-up has changed over the years.The only master plan was to do music that I wanted to hear.

How would you best describe your musical approach, do you lyrics follow a particular set path ?

I have no musical approach or path. In my mind, I'm just doing what is right for the song.

Would you say you achieved, your initial first goals, were there any 'Demos', made prior to the debut self release 'Mend Your Misery' ?

I have made at least 4 demo CD's prior to Mend Your Misery.

'Mend Your Misery',I believe was released around 05/06, please correct me here. Was this initially your debut LP, or more just a professional 'Demo' release ?

Mend Your Misery was our attempt to put out a CD without any label back and with no professional aspirations of being signed. We gave up on that and were just determined to do it on our own. But looking back, it was certainly more of a full demo CD and i consider Love Is Gone to be the debut.

Can you remember your first ever live show, and what was the reaction like ?

The first show I ever did was at the Lava Lounge in Long Beach for a scattered group of maybe 15 people.There were hecklers front and center.

How did you become signed to 'Roadrunner', they seem to quote 'Love Is Gone', as being your debut LP. Plus also most of the songs appear to be on the previous release. Was this more a case of re-record the original material, with better production, and some new material ?

Love Is Gone certainly was re-recorded of some of the same songs from Mend Your Misery.Many people don't seem to understand that 'Mend Your Misery' was a demo CD and only about 1,000 were made. I would have hated to let songs like 'My Heart, Your Hands', 'Without End', 'I Still Lost' and 'Tonight die' on an obscure demo.No, I certainly had to get those songs the maximum exposure which is why I wanted to re-record it.

Who would you say are your major influences, you visual side hints a little at the 'The Misfits', maybe 'Danzig', and 'Type O' creeping in sound wise ?

Danzig and Type O are certainly influences along with 'Rammstein', 'Depeche Mode', 'Nirvana', 'KISS' and 'AC/DC'.I like a lot of other things outside of rock music too like 'Sia', 'Fiona Apple', and Big Band and Swing music from the 30's and 40's.

How do you find your sound translates, into the live show state. Do you enjoy playing to the crowd, and what can we expect from a live show ?

The live show is definitely more of an intense experience with a lot more atmosphere. We tailor the songs for a live situation that aims to draw the crowd in and make them feel what we feel.

Is there any bands you your selves, you would strongly recommend, and who would you say you've enjoyed the most touring alongside ?

We've enjoyed all the tours we've been on with 'Lacuna Coil', 'HIM', 'The 69 Eyes', 'The Birthday Massacre', 'Wednesday 13' and 'Combichrist'. I could definitely see us going out with 'AFI', '30 Seconds To Mars' and 'Evanescence'. I think they would be great bills.

What can we expect to see in 2010, any new material in the works, or any possible live UK, shows ?

For the rest of 2010, after the HIM tour, we'll be returning to the UK for the Download festival as well as some other dates in between festivals. There will probably be a lot more touring before we go back into the studio for a new album.

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