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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Interview with 'Luxury Stranger' - 20 Apr 2010.
Photograph Copyright - http://www.marcushiersemann.com

When did you first form, and was their a straight forward planned goal ?

Luxury Stranger first came into being around 2007 / 2008 although the current line up has been together since the summer of 2009. There is a plan, I call it my 'Master Plan' and although I can and will never reveal it - we're sticking to it. Even though there is a planned goal, I like to think that there are a few surprises out there for us and our fans.

Could you give us a little intro, of who's, who and how the band functions as a unit, plus do you still have the same line up as you started with ?

Well, I'm Simon York - frontman, guitarist / vocalist in Luxury Stranger. With me I have Chris Ruscoe on bass guitar and then Paul Sycamore on drums. I like to think of Luxury Stranger as a singularity, not just a band but also as an art piece in some ways. LS is currently in it's 4th life if you include when I first came up with the idea behind Luxury Stranger... yes, I am the main person of LS but this is the strongest line-up LS has had in its short but highly productive life span.

What can you remember from the very first days, rehearsals. How long did it take before you said, yup this is it, thets get down to recording ?

Well, very first days was a case of me on my own writing and recording tracks hoping to find a sound that I could class as Luxury Stranger. Rehearsals with the first members that I took on board were non-eventful due to non-commitment. But as soon as I met Chris and he came on board it was like I'd met a kindred spirit. We got into the work (rehearsing the Desolation tracks for live performances) and then started looking for a live drummer. We picked up Owen who rehearsed with us from April 2008 till our first live outing in September and he stayed with us as our live drummer till June / July 2009. Paul came on board very soon after Owen's departure and he's gone from strength to strength, not just as a drummer but also helping with promotion and everything else like that - he's been very 'hands on' and enthusiastic.

Prior to 'Desolation', were there any self releases made, demo's, promos etc ?

Well - Desolation was Luxury Stranger's first release. Before that that there's our own separate works / projects and a mass of songs from where I was trying to find the sound of LS.

How would you best describe, your actual musical style, who are your main influences ?

We have loads of influences. For me musically it's Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Pearl Jam and The Cure (79 - 82). Paul's into various genres of music - one of his favourite bands is the Smashing Pumpkins - while Chris has tastes that blend between me and Paul and further...

The debut 'Desolation', see many different twists and sounds, does it follow a particular concept ?

As I said earlier - Desolation was a 'me finding what I wanted LS to sound like' album. I recorded over 60 songs as part of this project and only the ones on Desolation made it. Saying that, only 60% of that album truly fits what I see as LS now days. I think the second album will fit closer to Luxury Stranger's sound.

'Dirt', opens the LP, with an almost punk grind rock feel. Is this is a song about wanting to change people, or more an experience you've had, with a female that dragged you down ?

Hmmm... I really don't like to go into songs too much as it takes away something from the listener but I will go into this one. Dirt is about the ideas behind BDSM. The fact that one can be seen as wrong, perverse. But to one's self and some others you are perfection. You want to spread that perfection through the seduction and corruption of others.There are people out there begging to be corrupted. There are people out there wanting to experience the corruption of others...This song is for them.

Each song follows different structures and paths is, this intentional, to keep the listener wanting more ?

Of course. I like Luxury Stranger to remain on a direct course yet retaining the elements of the chameleon. It keeps one's self interested and excited and this is then reflected on to and by the audience.

Again I love 'Paradise Untouched', and also 'Dreaming Our Lives Away', what can you tell me about them, I'm really intrigued ?

Ideas behind songs again... grrr.. Okay. I think these both speak for themselves. Paradise Untouched is stating facts to the listener and how they've been seducted into an easy life where music and art means nothing yet here we are saying "look at your miserable selves, there's a world out there that is bigger than you". In the lyrics I state how it's a world I've been in and have been torn out of but I'm trying to get back there despite time and space... these concepts are nothing, they were created by the minds of men and so can be broken down by the mind of man (with the help and support of others).Dreaming our lives away is a ballad. Just saying how love is such a silly thing and how we just ignore important things and not take note of the seemingly less important things for love... I think when you strip down all of my songs, one way or another they're all love songs - it just depends on one's point of view.

How did you find the actual recording of the LP, was it a real enjoyable experience. Do you think you learnt a lot from it ?

Well - as I was recording on my own for this album - it was a lonely trek. But it allowed me to work in my usual 'music scientist' way without any concerns of being miss-understood. After rehearsing and time together, I think both Paul and Chris know how I work both mentally and musically... they know I may state a fact or direction when it comes to a song and they'll trust my path... As I said earlier, I have a 'Master Plan' and we are sticking to that plan...

After its release, how has feedback been, and are you overall happy ?

Collectively we've been very happy with the feedback on Desolation. For me it's been a case of knowing my 'baby' has passed it's first test... now it's just a case of 'commitment and discipline' and whatever comes after that...

'May', this year See's you playing 'London', supporting 'Voices Of Masada', what can I expect from the live experience. Do you think your sound translates well in the live arena ?

We have a slightly different sound when playing live... My vocals come across a lot more and the power is grinding away but the songs still shine through. This is what I love about Luxury Stranger (and it's something I hope will continue) - LS has two sides: the raw, powerful live monster with few unnecessary frills and then we have the scientific architect in the studio painting a soundscape of layers. I love the theatre of playing live but I consider the construction and de-constrution of pieces of music in the studio a most enjoyable and 'self-discovering' task to take on

Lastly, what can we expect from you in 2010, any new material or songs in the loop ?

We've been recording music for the 2nd album in between playing shows. I'm also currently compiling what tracks I'd like on the 3rd and even the 4th albums! We already have one song from the yet to be recorded 3rd album in our live set, a song called 'Frozen' which is a powerhouse piece of music which deals with the ownership of a loved one who just doesn't quite realise what they're in for... it's a bit strange really. Luxuriously strange!

...Any last words ?

Last words... stay strange and luxurious...

For further Info and contact:

Out know 'Desolation', a truly stunning debut. Cannot recommend any higher. Blending elements of ROCK / PUNK and GOTH, into one unique LP...


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