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Monday, November 22, 2010


Interview with - 'Diva Suicide', 22 Nov '10
Dedicated to 'Siobhan Clarke', my sweet 'Squidgey Goth'. Thanks honey for looking after me SAT !!! xx Plus also love to 'Sharon', my sweet girl, Carol and Michael as well. Thanks for making me feel like family.

From your BIO, it says you first emerged in early '09, after various line up changes. What can you remember from these first days, were you always called 'Diva Suicide'. When would you say you became, what we now know ?

DAV - No we started longer ago as 'Jasmine Cruel' and then changed to 'Diva Suicide,' although no one can remember cause there's no survivor from that line up... Stefano started a cat shelter in Italy, Maxim is now a porn actor and try to keep up with Belle, Benzi is into boxing...maximum weight

-XS- Yes, and Dav got manic depression and borderline and destroyed all his music equipment, he's now into video games and cooking...

Barry - The band constantly mutated throughout '08-'09, the concept started then but it wasn't until the end of '09 that 'Diva Suicide' had formed a stable lineup, and a focus that was shared by each member.

Who chose the name 'Diva Suicide', does it have any specific meaning to you. Or more a case of summing you up in one ?

-XS- The name was chosen by Dav after seeing a photo session I got done, with some white dress stained in blood... one of the pictures became the cover of their first demo, before I joined the band.

How long was it before you got the adopted sound that you required, was it an easy journey.Were there any releases, such as demos prior too the debut, and how did the differ ?

-XS- Yes, there was a demo before releasing the mini album, on the same line as this last. However, it is now that the band is really evolving and adopting a defined personality on the new tunes we are working on.

Barry – There's also that other earlier demo -XS- mentioned before that is likely circulating the underground and the sound does differ in that initially the style was more a goth industrial rock direction and of course with a different vocalist, by the time recording for the debut CD came the sound had become a lot more guitar driven with more punchy.

OK, as a new band please introduce yourselves to the masses. Who's who. Who's the genius and who's the insane ?

-XS- Dav is def the most insane...! Just drives us crazy... but we've learnt to live with it!

How would you best describe your approach and sound to new-comers, like my-self ?

-XS- Raunchy guitars and catchy choruses that will make you jump!

April '10, you release you debut to the world. 'Scars', please us me more, how was it's creation, and what secrets and tales does it hide ?

-XS- It was really exciting. We had to record lots of new tunes, decide which artwork were we going to use, etc, and we did not have much time so we were meeting every single day so we learnt to work together under pressure. It was nice to finally see our little baby being finished and released. Anyway, I think Scars is a more studio approach of the band that has changed after months playing together. The style has evolved into a more energetic live sound reflected on the new tunes.

Would you say your lyrical themes, are based around life itself, or more around particular set themes and set concepts ?

-XS- some of them are based on own experiences that can happen to anyone and some are more based on general life concepts.

Looking at your advertising, which is just so powerful. Some great imagery, especially the savaged dolls. Is something you enjoy on a rainy 'Bank Holiday', Ooh F*ck thets mutilate Barbie ?

-XS- We were looking for some band-defining images so we had this shooting done. It was real fun and there was cake and cranberries as well, we always love mixing blood and sugar!

Doe's this whole 'Punkish', carry across with your live performances. like an element of Theatre, the visual almost being as important as the music, feeding the crowd ?

-XS- Yeah, live performances are very important cause there's where you really show what you are. If there's a place to do it, that's the one!

Barry - We like to see it as a whole package, music and image comes all together. The fans want to be entertained not only sonically but visually to and putting on a good show is important to us.

So far how has the feedback been on 'Scars', are you 101% happy with it. Would you make any changes in approach for the next releases ?

Barry - The feedback has been great from the reviews received from magazines and it has helped to create a buzz about the band, we are more than happy about that.

-XS- Yeah, we have received very good feedback and indeed very happy about that! However, I believe there's always things to be improved and the personality of the band is not totally reflected in the album as it will be in the new tunes.

So far I see that the track 'She cries Lullabies', has become something of a cult track amongst the masses. What the story behind it lyrics, and what tale doe's it tell ?

Dav - Did it really, I am surprised! again don t know... go ask

Dav... I think he wrote it one night he could not sleep...

-XS- It's about a very very naughty innocent Lil girl!

Can you remember your first life performance, and how was the first reactions. How do you feel you music translates to a live environment ?

Dav - no one can...we weren't there...

-XS- Actually, yeah, Dav was the only one there... the rest weren't part of the band yet...!

I remember one of the first gigs the current line-up played, tho, and it was just great. We had a very cool crowd singing along and had loads of fun. Live music is the best thing ever, either being onstage or in the crowd!

Lastly Thanks for your time guy's and Gall's. Will be seeing you shortly in 'Dec'. Any last words ?

-XS- Thanks Edd, see you in Dec! x

Barry – Don't miss our next gig!

Out now the killer debut 'Scars'...


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