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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Interview with 'Deadfilmstar', 14 Mar 2010...
Deadicated, to 'Rachel Carter', for her class groundwork.

When did you first form, and what were the first initial goals ?

Deadfilmstar was formed in 2001. Our first initial goals were to get into 'Kerrang' magazine. We did,eight times.The metal scene soon became entrenched so,we turned our attention on the Gothic world with an intention to appear at Whitby Gothic Weekend. Again,we did. By 2006 we had toured with Mortiis and Gothminister.

When you first rehearsed, was the music similar to you debut LP, and were any demo's made and released ?

The album we are working on now is from an original demo CD titled 'The Inevitable Rise & Fall Of Fake White & The III Fated Tour'. It's a concept album that will hopefully be out at some point late this year. For the first time it will be a true representation of the deadfilmstar sound. I don't think 'A.rtistic I.ntegrity' was any way near a true reflection of that.

What made you approach the 'Nightbreed' label, or did 'Trevor', hear you first ?

It was through Kev (at that time) of the band 'Pro-jekt'.

How would you describe your brand of music, its far different from conventional 'Gothic Rock', 'Industrial'. For me it at times reminds me of variants of 'Black Metal', due to its harshness and extreme heavyness, plus also the look ?

Ha,we've been called all sorts 'Thrash Goth', 'Trash Goth'..? I actually don't consider us as a very heavy band at all to be honest.

Do your lyrics themselves follow a particular, set path or niche ?

Yes, their all built around the concept of the next album..

What made you choose your, particular 'Demoniacal' stage look, is this based around any particular person or theme. More is it simply individual, and to create a reaction ?

Again, it's a portrayal of the character from the next album..

Who would you say are your major influences, music and visual wise ?

Now that would be telling..

If you could resurrect any past two bands, who would they be (any era, and genre) ?

There are allot of late 70's and early 80's bands that I was too young to witness live... That would be the area I'd have to chose from.

Your stunning debut 'A.rtistic I.ntegrity', how was its creation, and did you find any strong learning curves ?

Stunning?, I really dislike it.. I think the title encapsulates it perfectly. Seriously, I deviated away from what we are. OK, you can argue that you need to experiment but,no, I don't like it.Yes, I did find a strong learning curve - Don't rush anything and stay true to who you are. I must just say though, 'Trevor' remastered the track 'Replace' from A.I. for 'The Gothic Sounds Of Nightbreed 5' compilation and as an individual song I like it.

Would you say it follows any particular set theme, i.e: Concept album ?

The new album definitely but, A.I. not so much..

I recently saw you live in 'London', at the 'Electrowerkz', your set was just amazing. Yet things were cut short, what happened. The whole show set up went a little pear shaped, any ideas what happened ?

Thank you. We couldn't hear anything through the on stage monitor's so it was kinda to keep it together. Nothing was cut short though? We never do anymore than a half hour set.. Ever.

Can you remember your first ever live show, and what was the first reactions like ?

Yeah, it went very well actually. At that time all the drums and bass were on a computer backing so, it was a case of 'if it all crashes now,we're done for!'

Lastly how has the initial, LP feedback been and are you happy with it ?

I think people know 'A.rtistic I.ntegrity' is not a scratch on what's coming and I can happily inform them - Their right! I'm afraid I've put A.I. to bed.

Plus also what can we expect from you in 2010, any more 'London' dates ?

I don't know about London but,in the Midlands we're opening for KMFDM , Die So Fluid & Toyah Willcox. We've got more dates coming up but, Mum's the word at the moment!

....Any last words ?

Thanks for having us round...

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  1. Really like this band! Great live. Read the lyrics. Got to get some stuff on CD.


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