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Monday, December 14, 2009


Interview With 'Pyhia', Dec 14 2009.

Our lead Guitarist Tim Neale has done this for you!
Emily x

When and how did you first form ?

Well, I wasn't there at the beginning, but Marc contacted Emily after he saw a 'Medieval Baebes' gig, asking her if she wanted to do a power metal type-project.... I guess she just looked and sounded more 'metal' than the average Baebe!! From that, he drafted in his long time song writing cohort, Ross, and his good friend Rich to help out on keys.Ross found Andy through a mutual interest in music tech, and eventually, I got drafted in on lead.... I've known Ross and Marc for many years in previous bands playing the same club circuits.

How long have you all known each other, and how did you all meet?

Me Ross and Marc go way back, almost about 15 years! We used to hang out and have a few drinkies in the same metal scene. You know, same pubs, gigs and mutual friends. I used to go see their band (Descent) play and they would come see mine a few times. Funnily enough, we never played at all together before Pythia! Many times have the bands we've been in changed members for mutual friends etc, but we never played a chord together until that 1st Pytia rehearsal. As i said, Rich and Marc are old family friends, and Emily came along through Marc and a few drunk late night phone calls! Andy and Ross got talking on some online tekky forums and just clicked. Funny thing is, although most of us only know each other since the inception of Pythia, we all clicked instantly and a rapport was quickly established.... We were quickly insulting, teasing and punching each other like siblings of many years!!

What’s the origin of the bands name, and has it ever been changed ?

The concept was put to comitee by Ms. Ovenden to a select few of her fans and friends, one suggested Pythia and immediately it just worked. The name not only sounds cool (pronounced Pie-thea), but it's origins reflects what we believe in, and what we are. Go and do a bit of searching and you'll find out what it means, and draw your own conclusions!

What genre of music do you consider your works to be?

That's become quite a sticking point of a question!! If it were up to me, I'd just say metal! But as every band needs a micro-niche genre nowadays, symphonic power metal would best describe I guess. We do have an air of the old school doom metal from a love of bands like Paradise Lost, but mainly is just good old full frontal metal!

Who would you say are your major influences?

That's a toughy, there are so many ingredients that go into the Pythia cauldron from Zakk Wylde to Phil Collins, but there are some things we are all agreed on; bands like Sonata Artica, Paradise Lost, Blind Guardian etc. One thing we will always agree on is Queen! If you look at their level of melodrama and theatrics, you'll quickly see parallels there!

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

Mostly high fantasy and romanticism. Whether it be a song about a love-vendetta to a ditty about riding courageously from battle, there is always a basis in real life and what we experience day to day. We would like to stir the imagination of people, get them to realise although we live these seemingly mundane lives, we all experience trials and tribulations that are worthy of song!

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band?

Excuse my language here, but JUST FUCKING DO IT!!! No procrastination, no hesitation, just find some friends and make some noise, eventually that noise will start sounding good, and even if it doesn't sound as good as you thought it may have, its a load of fun trying along the way! Never stop, listen to others, but never take their opinions as gospel and just keep it enjoyable and more importantly, loud! And by virtue of that last statement, don't necessarily listen to me either!

What's opinion on female fronted metal bands, are there two many of them? and Is it good for women in rock, or does it reinforce gender stereotypes ?

I still kinda dislike the whole 'female-fronted' band as a genre. to me, as I said, its just metal. The genre can't really exist, as like all metal its extremely diverse; from Skunk Anansie to Nightwish to Arch Enemy. I don't think I'd class those three great bands as one genre! It's almost insulting to put it in a box, as why should it be classed any different to 'male-fronted' metal? I really think, as much as people do like this female fronted fantasy based metal, we really need to stop pigeon-holing it and just realise its all just rock and roll!!!

What are your most memorable experiences on the road, any crazy or funny stories you can share with us?

You'll have to ask Andy about the custard incident.... Then there is the legend which is the Ginger Moshpit. No more details here folks, come along to a show, and experience the latter for yourselves, if you're lucky! You may even get the GMP tee shirt!

What can we hope to see in the future ?

Lots more from us; bigger, better, louder and more dramatic. We fully intend to put the spectacle back in rock, and make every show a firmly memorable experience. The next album is already being written, the stage show improved all the time and moreover we have always liked to engage our fans. Being a Pythian is was never just a matter of having the album; we have the
Pythian Army, a great social active forum and really do treat out listeners as friends. You can count on this only growing exponentially as our family does!

Any last words?

Not really, just keep it loud, and look out for us wherever you may find us. If you do see us anywhere, don't feel afraid to come talk to us, at the end of the day, anyone in a band who doesn't still class themselves as a fan, and isn't still chuffed when someone recognises them is dead inside! That's still a rush, and although not the main motivation we have for playing rock and roll, its still always cool!...

Cheer's Tim...

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