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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Interview With 'TyLean', Dec 12 2009.

Firstly how did you come to be, and how did your musical path begin ?

My parents had sex (Well that's a good start)... though I really don't like to think about that.I did theatre as a child, and that led to musical theatre. I started teaching myself piano when I was 14, but for every song I learned to play, it seemed I would come up with a creation of my own. I aspired to write a musical, which I would spend a great deal of time writing and working on only to change my mind about the story completely and start from scratch using the same music. I also wanted to be a Broadway performer and an opera singer. A friend asked me to write pop songs for him... and that was the end of my dreams of Broadway and Carnegie Hall and the beginning of a life in the music business.

Your biography, and recent press appears to describe a dark depressed soul, or, and I quote, "a morbidly depressed nihilistic Tori Amos", would you say this is fair?

Yes, it is perfectly fair... I am a dark and depressed soul, lol. I'm also a lot of fun! I will always be drawn to the dark things in life, but they have an opposite affect on me. They don't bring me down, they make me very happy... giddy even! My music does tend to come from torment, however, and that torment is very much real, and in no way giddy.

Depression, though painful, can also boost creative swings, have you ever experienced this in any form ?

Of course... I often write songs rather than murder someone. Writing music is the only effective release I have ever found. Talking doesn't work, because people usually don't understand what I'm saying... even if the words make sense, they are incapable of sympathizing with the depth of despair, and so humans just frustrate me - particularly as they run away from these things which make them stronger, better people. How does one write a happy song? And who the fuck would want to listen to it?

Where do you draw your influences from, Do you find Visual art, an inspiration as much, as musical forms ?

I'm influenced by my own dreams, ever-evolving philosophies of the human race, and the people I have allowed to enter my life and thus devour my heart. I do find visual art inspirational, but it takes something quite amazing to ignite creativity in me from visual stimulus. Most of my creations happen when my eyes are closed.

I see also you've studied, Music and film as a degree, have you explored making music for this Genre, i.e. TV or film. Similar in the vein of "In the Nursery" ?

I have done some documentaries and short films... nothing since I completed my degree. I didn't particularly enjoy film scoring as I thought I would, and so it's not something I have pursued. I was quite good at watching silent films and instinctively knowing what to write musically... but film scores are not really intended to be heard, they just support the emotion. My film scores always started as beautiful pieces of music that were chopped down note by note to appease the director, and by the end, it was something I was completely unhappy with. I would love to score another film... but only if I get to be REALLY creative!

Being a solo artist, have you found a way of performing in a live scenario ?

Yes, I do perform live, and I'm looking to book some international dates for early 2010. It's not been an easy path... performing solo... but I'm addicted to it now! I'm addicted to the challenge, and always adding things to push each performance a little further than the last.

What made you leave the US, and seek our British shore, how has Blighty treated you so far ?

To make an incredibly long answer short: because I wanted to. I wanted to move to Europe or the UK since I was 7. I have never been a patriot, but I love being an ex-patriot. The UK is okay... I have no intentions of moving home, though I don't know that I will stay here.

Q8. How would you describe your music, and its structures. and do you have any specific theme or underlying feeling ?

My musical structure is highly pentatonic... LOADS of open 5ths, which give it that haunted quality... lots of minor key signatures using tons of flats. I think all of my music has a lonely feeling to it... which makes sense... because I'm an incredibly lonely person. No matter how many friends I have who love and adore me - and I do have a lot - only one person in my life has ever made me feel I wasn't alone.

What can we expect from you in the future, and how an we purchase you music ?

There is an arsenal of material in post-production right now. The "Corner of My Eye" music video will be out before Xmas, I'm editing and mixing the third album, "The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable," now, which will be out early 2010. I am booking dates for 2010, which I am hoping will come together nicely in the form of a proper tour. AND, I have two other albums on the backburner that I am waiting to record, including a song cycle and a cello-based album.

'When All Else Fails' (EP) and 'Between 10 and 2', are available for CD purchase OR digital download at:


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