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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Interview with 'Eleventh Fear', 19 Feb 2010

You first formed in 2009, and shortly released you demo 'Flee', how did the recording go, and how has the initial feedback been so far ?

Flee ,The demo is in my view a demo. It 's not always very consistent and I think it was good and less good.The returns have been mixed, some loved the specialness of the music and voice, other don't like.

You also have a full LP, by your other project 'Zauber', how do the two compare, are they large differences ?

I currently at work on the first album Eleventh Fear, it will be much more consistent! The demo "Flee" is different from my old project Zauber, in music and voice.For cons, the album Eleventh Fear them much closer.

What type of themes do you lyrics follow, is there a specific underlying theme ?

The main theme of the lyrics is vampirism.

Who would you say, are your greatest influences ?

My main influences are electro goth and goth music, style Terminal Choice,Ghosting etc.

French music, well certainly 'Metal' and 'Goth', always seem to have a specific feel of the melancholic, do you think,this is a 'French', thing. Do you find yourself different 'Country's', breed a specific sound ?

Indeed, I had not thought of, but it is true that the French music a melancholy side.

Please tell me about the construction of 'Flee', it has a sounds like nothing ive ever heard.Is it purely just Keyboard and synths Im hearing, and the voice as well, so Creepy ?

I currently at work on the first album Eleventh Fear, it will be more successful than the demo! It is closer Zauber, with a better production sound level.To achieve the demo I actually used that synth.All sounds come from synth, both for electronic sounds that string orchestras.The voice, yes, very dark, highly modified with effects. For the making of the album I use to call sequencer Cubase 4.The synthesizers are used Jupiter 8V, Prophet V Arturia and Cakewalk Rapture. And ,Sound design with Reaktor 5 and Kontakt 3 Native Instruments.I just bought the Jupiter 8V specially for the album, it will be the most used synth. I am taken great care to produce for the album.

I see also you play live, how does the music translates in a Stage scenario, and whats the reaction been like so far ?

In concert we are 2 members, a live musician manages the music, while I sing. We've made some live recordings with my old project Zauber, Belgium, Switzerland and France.were my first concerts on stage. Once the album Eleventh Fear is finished, I will resume concerts while composing a second album.

Apart From the 'Manchester', show can we expect you in the capital anytime ?

This will be a pleasure to play live , yes! I m very happy, come play live in Manchester in June 2010, at the Shadow Daze Festival.

Also is there any bands that you think we should watch out for, within 'France' ?

Yes, there is the band Cold Wave / Goth " Curse of the Vampire " that you should listen.They are very good.

What can we expect from 2010, is their a full LP, in the works. Will it differ greatly from the demo, material ?

Yes there will be an album in 2010, it is almost finished, soon there will be listening previews on myspace. I don't know the date release because it 's expensive for duplication of discs usines.Currently I'm self-production. I looking for a label.

Any Last words ?

Thank you for this interview Edward.

Greeting, Ludovic Dhenry / 11th Fear

For further info, and contact:


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