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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Interview With 'Quimera Music', 18 Feb 2010

You initially first formed in the summer of 2007. Who approached who, did you look for a record company,or did someone simply hear your voice, and go Wow?

QM: 2007 marked the beginning of my ventures in music; I began experimenting with my musical style and my voice. Toward the end of that year I also began my formal vocal training. Things began happening in 2008, when I released my first singles Illusionist and Pray, those songs were very well received by the public. By that point I had began working on my debut album Love and Madness, but getting signed by a record company didn’t happen for another year, when my album was finished. I wish I could say it was very easy, but it was not; behind me are hours and hours of work, training and honing my craft.

You've been singing since childhood, was this encouraged by your family? What we are hearing, is it a natural evolved voice, or have you had proper coaching and management?

QM: I was impossibly shy as a child, so I never let anyone hear me sing. Most of the time I sang in the solitude of my bedroom or in the shower (I loved the acoustics in the shower) my family didn’t really even know that I could sing or of my desire to do it professionally someday, but they always had this saying that “if you can dream it, you can do it” so I know they would have been supportive if I had shared my dreams.

I always had a melodic voice; however, what you now hear is the result of years of vocal training. For starters I had to learn to breathe properly because I had rheumatic fever as a child and had numerous bouts of pneumonias during childhood, so my lung capacity was limited; once I began singing professionally, it was clear to me that I first had to learn proper breathing so I could sustain longer notes and not run out of breath. Other than that, I also train vocally with renowned Austrian Jazz vocalist, Elisabeth Lohninger. Being a singer is like being an athlete; you must train and train and train.

You recently became involved with the charity The Smile Train, what made you choose this particular one?

QM: The Smile Train has been a big part of my life since 2008. I am so happy to be involved with such fine charitable organization, and so thankful for their warm, open arms to me and my desire to help children.

I chose to get involved with The Smile Train in particular, firstly because they help pay for cleft surgeries for children in poor countries, children who otherwise would never get the opportunity to have the surgery. Secondly because of their efficiency in utilizing the money that is donated; they are structured in a manner in which every penny donated goes 100% straight to paying for children’s surgeries and medications; also, they help pay for training of local doctors so that communities can be more self-sufficient in treating their own children.

The fact that approximately $250.00 dollars is all that it takes to perform one life changing cleft surgery on a child blows my mind; I mean, you can really visualize what your money is doing to help someone’s life. The Smile Train provides us all with a chance to be heroes.

In the coming years, I plan to do much, much more than what I am currently doing; The Smile Train will always be an integral part of my life.

When Tomorrow Comes, was released to help The Smile Train, how has it fared and are you happy with the feedback so far ?

QM: Patrick Rundbladh and I wrote When Tomorrow Comes especially for the children of The Smile Train; we have had nothing but positive reactions to it. It is selling purely by word of mouth, as we all rather spend the money that would have gone to advertising on helping children. In the future, we would love to make a video to go with it; we just need to partner with the right filmmaker and make it cost effective.

Once Love and Madness, was put together, how was this experience for you, and have you learnt anything,that you would use on forthcoming material, and is there an actual band behind you ?

QM: Oh, I learned a lot! Being my first album, I chose the songs that I felt would make the statement for the messages that I wanted to convey, the album began taking shape as I worked on it, like a being with a life of its own. In addition to my main collaborator, composer Patrick Rundbladh, I was very fortunate to have worked with three other composer friends of mine who understood where I was going with it; Francesco Tedesco, Kao Soi and Troy Maturo.

Everyone involved was happy to share my dream, and my self-set deadline for 2009 completion. I mean, at some points I was working on three different songs at the same time; distilling melodies to the ones that felt right.

My next album will come to life with a different approach. In fact, Patrick and I have already begun the album planning; we have the album’s name, all the songs names and the general album feeling; we are going to write the songs to compliment the complete vision. We will use more symphonic sounds, more epic and cinematic themes and even my costumes are already being planned so that they work with the type of show that ultimately I want to do; it is very exciting indeed.

As far as having a band, we are putting together a touring band, but right now the essence of Quimera Music is Patrick Rundbladh and I; we compose and write everything, and I perform it.

On January the 2nd 2010 you performed the National Anthem at the Nassau Coliseum in New York, how did you feel at the time, it must have been electric?

QM: Just being invited to perform the National Anthem for the opening of an NHL game is such an honor, I have to say it was a little daunting, and yes, electric. I was aware that there were some soldiers in the audience, which made me feel a connection with them and with anyone who has ever died in battle, the emotions that I felt completely took me by surprise; it is the most important song I have ever sung.

Who would you say were your major influences?

QM: In music? Cinema! I love, love, love, the special care and grandiosity that film music has. I want my music to take the listener to places in their heads the same way a good film does; to feel, really feel the music. My music is meant to be heard, it is not the kind of music you listen to while cleaning the house or doing chores.

Do your lyrics follow a particular path or specific concept?

QM: Yes, every song is a part of me, either something that I have gone through, something that I dream of, or some kind of realization. Illusionist, for instance, is about insecurity and the realization that perfection lies in imperfection. When It’s All Said And Done is about being in love and wondering if the one who loves you will withstand time. You can say each song has a soul of its own. For me, any topic that makes you feel deeply, even if it hurts, is a quintessential ingredient to all I do.

Besides the US, and apart from me, have you had any major interest from 'Europe', and the rest of the ‘Globe’?

QM: Gosh, I have been very fortunate that my music has been well received in many parts of the globe. I have had a lot of interest in Europe and also Latin America, in addition to USA. They are all waiting to get the news that the Quimera Music show is ready to tour, this is another reason that we are now running around finding the right team for this, so we can go to the next level. I am currently on regular radio programs in the UK, Portugal, Mexico and Argentina, to name a few.

You’ve also recently become involved with film theme tracks; is this something you will continue to pursue?

QM: I really enjoy singing for film soundtracks, I think my existing music style lends itself to it, so it is not a big leap for me. I just finished recordings for my latest soundtrack collaboration; this is for the independent film Somewhere In Between. It begins festivals rounds in the USA in the spring time. I sing the song Somewhere In Between, named after the movie; the music was composed by Patrick Rundbladh, as well as the film’s score.

I definitely look forward to continue doing film music when the right opportunity presents itself, I would love to do a feature science fiction film or an epic horror film, à la Lord of the rings or Avatar.

Lastly can we expect you on the live circuit, what are your plans for 2010?

QM: Due to the nature of my music, I am currently doing live appearances and showcases in NYC, we are working with several promoters to find the right chemistry and styles so that we can put together the show that I would properly match my music. I want hydraulics, I want to fly through the air and sing to my audience from above; I want to take my listeners on a journey visually as well as audibly. This is requiring great investment and the right team, but we are almost there.

When can we expect a follow up to your stunning debut, is there anything in the works?

QM: Yes, we are aiming for winter 2010 as the release time frame for my follow up album; planning, as I shared before, has already started… stay tuned! Thanks!

Any Last Words.......... ?

QM: Thank you so much for this interview Edward, and also big thanks to your readers. Cheers and keep music alive! Quimera

Out Now 'Love And Madness', a true stunning debut...

Behold 'The New Queen Of Avant Garde', for fans of 'Nightwish', 'Lacuna Coil' and all female orientated rock'. Highly recommend, a fresh new voice to brighten thy days....

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