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Friday, February 26, 2010


Interview with 'Dyonisis', 26 Feb 2010
Co, Written and inspired by 'R.Carter', my 'Naughty Angel'.

With the first days of 'Dyonisis', what were your first intentions, did you have an initial master plan ?

We sort of stumbled in spirals like we always do! Each of us are inspired by different things so we threw them at each other to see what stuck.

Who would you say are your major influences. I swear at times I can here a little hint of 'Dire Straits'.Maybe just a little hint of 'Prog Rock', certainly within the guitar leads, maybe little hints of folk / Neo-folk / Blues ?

Everything from folk to Floyd, through psytrance, orchestral, trip-hop and dub. Rock is very important to all of us, but with life & music, if you don't leave yourself open to as much as possible you risk losing out.

On your second EP, you cover 'Son Of A precher Man', what made you choose this, do it have any special meaning to you. Does 'Christianity' play any part within your music and lives ?

Marcus (although Christian no more) is a real-life son of a preacher man, and he was indeed the "only one who could ever reach me." I don't often go for expressions of love but it feels good to be able to sing and play that together in front of a room full of people now & then.

Your self titled debut, is just simply stunning. How was its creation, did you feel you learned anything from it, and what was the first feedback like ?

Why thank you! In truth, we were UTTERLY clueless back then! It was recorded in our old house, which was literally rotting around our ears. We stuck carpet underlay on the wall to try and add some sound-proofing, but the damp peeled it off! Our first mix was dreadful, but mercifully Dan [mastering engineer] pulled it apart & remixed it. Suddenly we could hear all the things that we'd been striving for. It was like the whole thing came into focus. Since then, we've learnt everything from scratch, how to record, how to mix... picking our way up that learning curve bit by bit... We offered it up out there with no idea how people would react, it makes you very vulnerable. The feedback knocked us sideways, fortunately, it was better than we could ever have dreamed after.

What followed, was 'Blue Shift', again for me just simply mesmerising, with a more free, and fluid feeling. Will you use this style on further new material. For me I found it more stronger in ways than the actual debut ?

In the first album we were still groping in the dark, we didn't even really know what we sounded like. Afterwards we knew better how to write to each other's strengths. Plus when I started off with the band, I'd never really written songs before, hopefully over time I've figured out how to improve...

Within your lyric structures, do you follow any particular path, structure of niche ?

Not deliberately. I tend to start with an emotion, or something that I really need to express, stick on some synthy demos and see what happens. Saying that, I'm a sucker for a big chorus! In the next album [Intoxicated, out 29/05/2010] there are some songs that break with that. One notable exception is a track called 'Eve's Song'.

I have to mention 'Rainy Day', it has to be the Stand out in the crowd song. When was this track created.Does it have any stories or deep meanings behind it ?

It started out as a jam between all of us, and it's all the stronger for having simultaneous input from several directions. Lyrically, the verses are me wandering round the hall of mirrors that my head can become sometimes, trying to figure things out. The midsection is a detour around a specific hard time pertaining to a bad relationship.The over-riding message is the Chorus: Things can be dark, confusing and downright awful - BUT - these things always pass if you can weather them out. It's not the end of the world, it's just a passing cloud.

Secondly also the song 'Pretty At A Distance', as well. The name alone makes you think. Whats the story behind this one as well, I'm intrigued ?

It was written when I was first with Marcus. I was a mess when he found me. I was afraid that he was attracted to who he thought I was, but would be hurt or repulsed by who he discovered me to be on the inside, on closer inspection. I felt like the moth's flame, broken glass, a ruin: nice to look at but dangerous to get get too close to, it upset me greatly that I might be bad for him.

With the 'Goth', scene also comes the visual side. Do you have a particular image, that you would use in the live stage situation. Do you just simply be yourselves ?

I believe *passionately* in being oneself. I love the visual side and customise my stage outfits, it's great fun,I get away with wearing things that I would never have the opportunity to otherwise ;) This has lead me into trouble sometimes! At one venue a member of staff kept on asking me "But... Why are you wearing that?" I'm guessing it was because I was predominately in white, I hadn't even switched on the LEDs that I'd entwined beneath the Organza!

How has playing live been for you, do you think the sound translates well to a live crowd ?

At the beginning, I was like a frightened rabbit. It was hard to move, or even sing properly. These days I've been told that we're better live than on record, and that each show tops the last... much to my sizable relief!

Over the past years you've gone through, many line-up changes. Do you think know your a 100% stable unit, for whats to come next ?

We've been settled in this line-up for some time now and Louisa is now integral to our sound. Hopefully the 4 of us can face whatever the future holds, together.

Lastly what can we expect from you in 2010. Any London shows planned, or in the pipeline ?

Spring will bring our 2nd Album, Intoxicated. We can't wait to air the songs live! A couple of promoters have approached us regards playing London. Nothing's confirmed yet, but we're well up for an adventure spinning through the Metropolis.

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