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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Interview with 'Midnight Configuration' 10 Feb 2010

Having started in '93 with 'Gothec', then followed by 'Spectral Dance', how were the first initial reactions, and do you have any cool stories from this period ?

That seems a very long time ago now, which is because it is! He,he,he. I think that the scene were very shocked when the EP's went out + a number of people did not know what to think. The trad "Goth police" turned their noses up at what I did, but I think that is partly because they didn't "get it". What really upset a lot of people was our cover of "No Limits", which I did for a laugh, + we were disowned by numbers of stuck in the mud "trads". What was REALLY funny is that some dance clubs picked up on the track and started playing it in their usual semi mainstream dance sets + I got a call telling me that our track was played in Ibiza. he,he,he,he.

Was the 'Nightbreed Label', initially created to house 'Midnight Configuration', you being a unique band, and naturally hard to sign ?

Actually no, the label was started because I was unemployed at the time and I was still in my old band "Every New Dead Ghost" + needed to try and get a business going. So I put together a compilation LP called "New Alternatives" + the label started and snowballed from that.

The Kissing Skull', a slight change !, was this again to create an easier following, it being more pliable ?

It was a sort of natural evolution. At that time loads of great 2nd generation technology based Gothic bands such as The Garden Of Delight, The Merry Thoughts, the House Of Usher, The Tors of Dartmooor etc as well as darkwave bands such as Ghosting, The Eternal Afflict were breaking through + we were also influenced by them + the technology we were also getting into.

Where do you draw you influences from, is there any initial catalyst ?

Loads, difficult to pin it down, but basically lyrically it’s got to be something that I feel strongly about. That could be anything from Philosophy to politics, to occult themes etc,etc, But musically, its just that something strikes me. I think, I wonder if I did that or plugged that sound into that thing what would it sound like? Then I go Oooh, I have a song here! Its like the song “Lucifarianstarted life as an example to my students as to how to use classical samples! Then in the latter things changed once more, what made you merge into darker elements, Then in the latter things changed once more,

What made you merge into darker elements, and leave the dance scene ?

Not sure if it’s fair to say that we were ever part of the dance scene as such, we worked with dance people in the studio, and it’s those guys who showed me how to record, mix and produce. But with the shift to darker things that you talk of, and in a lot of respects the shift of focus away from the fetish themes that were very dominant in the early albums (The Kissing Skull + Funeral Nation). I suppose it was the departure of Lisa Ross from the band and the fact that I was reading a lot more occult literature that caused things to turn a shade blacker. Also it has to be admitted that for the albums “Dark Hours Of the Southern Cross” and “Redemption Of the Physical world” I was battling a lot of demons, personal, internal and external + that really did colour the music I produced at that time.

Your music is described as Satanic Industrial, do you have any particular references to the occult, practice or interest ?

I am actually a student of philosophy, and I am always interested in the world metaphysical in all its guises. I believe that the world is not how it appears and I also believe that there are many things and forces at work both hidden and disguised in clear sight.So anything that interests me as a way to explain the unexplained is for me!

How is an a 'Midnight Configuration', album actually pieced and merged together ?

Generally I work on about 3 or 5 tracks at any one time, gradually programming, adding guitars, vocals and then mixing them. I tend to do a few songs and then I usually think that its time they were put into an album format. This is what I am doing at the moment with the all new album. I have about 21 tracks written and some of them are finished, others still have to have the guitars or vocals added and others need mastering.Not sure at this point if all 21 tracks will make it to the next CD as I don’t think a single disc is long enough (he,he,he,)

What can we expect from the forthcoming album, is there a working title ?

Well, at the moment this new album has not got a working title, but I am sure that the title will appear to me very soon. There are a couple of tracks from this body of work currently available. Namely “Unholy Beat” off “The Gothic Sounds Of Nightbreed Volume 5” and “Something About England” off “Mechanical Evolution”. So I think that the listener can make up their own mind as to where I am going with this. From my point of view I feel that this new album to be will be a lot harder even than the last album as I have amped up the guitars another notch + it will explore a number of themes. One that seems quite dominant is the idea of Spirits and Ghosts + the world unseen. But also, there is more than a smattering of references to the great occult, artistic and philosophical figures of the past. I.e. Crowely, Dee, Ayn Rand, LaVey, etc.

Are there any initial changes in style or sound ?

I think that this album follows on neatly from “Parallel Worlds”, except that I have been experimenting with some conventional “foot on the monitor” guitar solos in some tracks as well as bits of vocal harmony at times. But in all honesty, it is a Midnight Configuration album with the usual evil dance beats and caustic deep vocals.

2009 bought a return to the live scene, and this year also in march. Will there be more regular 'Nightbreed' shows throughout the year ?

There is another on at “The Slimelight” on the 6th of March, and another one is planned and will be announced for April time. But my view is that I would rather do occasional special events.

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