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Monday, January 18, 2010


Interview with 'Maleficent' 18 JAN 2010

Firstly, please enlighten us about how you formed, and what the original planned outlook was ?

Mortimer Cain: I've been told it was some night when we all ended up meeting each other in the local A&E getting our stomachs pumped and blood transfusions. The next morning we went down the pub and started working on our first song BLACK MASS DESTRUCTION.

Maleficent, I found to be the witch, from 'Snow White', what made you choose this, is it a satirical fingered salute to dear Disney ?

Miss Martini: well… actually its the witch from ” Sleeping Beauty” and yes… it is a Disney character. I always loved it since I was a little girl, and it used to be one of my nick names.

Your image is based around the theatre, do you feel the visual, needs to be as strong as the essence of the music, more like each show is like a stage play ?

Miss Martini: Yes I do feel the performance has to be as strong as the music, and I also like to make every show slightly different. I like changes, and I like to progress. I’m trying to make the show fun for me to perform, coz Maleficent are all about enjoying ourselves on stage.

What would you say your main, influences are, and were you draw your lyrical theme's from?

Miss Martini: From life experiences. Mortimer Cain: and near death ones.

Demize, you debut is currently on the market, how was the recoding, and how has the initial reaction to it been ?

Miss Martini: The recording Part was Challenging as we did everything ourselves and.. Dr Sickx did all the mixing and production. We are proud of what we did so far and… it had a great response from media and public.

I see a lovely cover of 'Nick Caves' 'Where The Wild Roses Grow', do you consider him to be a influence on the bands sound ?

Miss Martini: He’s definitely one of my favourite artists.

What can we expect to see in 2010, is their any full LP, in the works, as I can see three shows in the early part of the year ?

Miss Martini: Yes we are working on our new album right now and we have a few gigs lined up in the UK already, and waiting for some confirmation on a Europe tour, so… Fingers crossed.

Out now 'Demize', If you have a wicked 'Stepmother', report her to 'Social Services', scank her purse and purchase a real fairy tale...


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